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Welcome Dearest Soul… to my little home on the web, where I create beautiful, intuitive websites + holistic brand designs for entrepreneurs who are ready to unfurl their wings, launch a soul based business, uplevel their income and step up + shine!


Here’s a bit about what I do:

  • I specialise in designing websites + brands for emerging spiritual leaders + healers to help them attract, reach + serve more people.
  • I intuitively weave together magic, colour, energy + light to channel professional designs that bring my client’s visions to life.
  • I help my client’s to conceive, birth + launch successful holistic + heart based brands that reflect their unique soul essence.
  • I offer free advice, encouragement + guidance to those who feel unsure where to begin, or uncertain how to turn their vision into reality. Ask me!
  • I share my art, design + inspiration online, because love transforms …and I’m all for sharing da love!

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10 Easy Steps to Attract New Followers to Your Facebook Business Page


I have written this post for anyone who is struggling to build an audience, make new connections and attract more followers to a new Facebook business or fan page.

There is no joy in hoarding knowledge, keeping it all hushed up and to ourselves. I believe in sharing and stripping away the mysteries so as to liberate and empower others to success! We are all here to reach out, connect with and help one other. And for those reasons, I invite you to join my mailing list to receive a free gift and guidance to empower you:

That’s also why I’ve tried to make this post as SIMPLE as possible to understand. By breaking the process down into just 10 easy steps, I will show you how you can begin today, to quickly and easily attract new Facebook followers and fans that will love your page and have a genuine interest in the services you may offer.

 easy-guide-fb-likesFacebook is constantly evolving and changing how things work on their site, and it can be frustrating for small business owners to keep up with the latest trends! However, as it currently stands, there is a way to promote your fb page, increase your fans and attract new followers – followers that are specifically interested in the very topics and services you have to offer!

Here are the instructions to help you do so, in just 10 easy peasy, lemon squeezy steps, so that even the most non techy person can follow.

Remember – one step at a time is all it takes to get where you are going – so never give up!

If you appreciate this post and it helps you, please consider sharing your appreciation in the comments section below and feel free to tell me a little bit more about yourself and your business! :)

10 Easy Steps to Help You Attract New Followers to Your Facebook Business & Fan Page.

Step 1

On your Facebook Fan Page look at the top right of your page. You should see a link that says ‘Build Audience’

Step 2

A drop down menu will appear > select ‘Promote Page’

Step 3

A new box will open. On the right hand side you will see a list of countries. Type in the countries you want to promote your work to on Facebook. If your primary language is English I suggest you choose from the following selection: England, United States, Ireland, Canada, Australia, NewZealand.

Step 4

Beneath the above box, choose all the topics that are relevant to your business. For example, if your Facebook Fan Page is all about homeopathy, you might choose to list something similar to the following examples: ‘Health and wellbeing’, ‘Allergy Testing’, ‘Dairy Allergies’, ‘Skin Treatments’, ‘Recipes for Food Intolerances’, ‘Alternative Health’, ‘Natural Health’ …etc, etc.

TIP: List the topics and subjects your ideal followers might already show an interest in on Facebook.

(With practice you can begin to experiment with Steps 3 and 4 to see what works best in terms of increasing your followers and promoting your Facebook page)

Step 5

Beneath this box, add your audience’s primary age range. If you are unsure what this is – think of the kind of people you would either like to work with, or already deal with, and estimate the average lowest and highest age range.

Step 6

Choose the gender you wish to promote your page to.

Step 7

Choose your maximum daily budget (this can be from as little as £3.00 a day). I suggest you start with this and increase your budget as you learn more about how Facebook page promotion works.

Step 8

Choose how many days you would like your sponsored page promotion to run for.

Step 9

Add your payment details or paypal address and verify.

Step 10

Once you have set up a link to your payment method and verified. Simply click the ‘Promote’ button to start your ad.


By building your facebook page you can begin to promote your brand to more people – people who are looking for your services and need your help.

If you are trying to build an audience and fan base, taking the 10 simple steps above is a great way to reach out to people who are specifically interested in your kind of business, products and services.

You can expect to pay from around as little as a few pence per new fan, but this will vary depending on your exact specifications.

Of course, there’s far more you can do to increase your reach, promote your work and attract new leads and clients, and I will save that for future posts – but for new start ups, this is a great first step to take, to help you quickly build up a following and increase your page’s reach.

With love + blessings,


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samantha-winstanley-fantasy-woodland-photoshoot-white-dressSamantha Winstanley is a soul inspired, heart-based creative designer and artist. She creates websites and brands that assist leaders, healers and entrepreneurs in the spiritual and holistic professions to step up, shine and inspire greater numbers of people. She infuses all her work with the energy of pure love and spirit. Visit her website: or join her mailing list: to receive your free gift.


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