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How to Communicate With Your Animal in 5 Easy Steps + One Cat’s Story of Healing Transformation

animal-communication-greeting-hello-catYou do not need any special skills to give animal communication a go. You just need to be open to understanding things from a new perspective. To do so you will need to still your mind and become open and receptive.

You can not push animals to communicate, you can only politely ask with honesty and sincerity …and then trust. If your pet is ready to share, and you are ready to receive, it can happen – you can talk to your animal! Remember that animals ‘speak’ and convey messages, not by using human words, but by exchanging energy and sharing psychic thoughts in the form of images and feelings.

Ask Your Pet To Share Their Story

animal-communication-black-cat-samIf you are ready to communicate with your pet and find out if there is anything they would like to share with you, follow these 5 easy steps:

Step 1.

Relax your body, your breath and your mind. Become still and quiet, peace-filled, open and receptive. The best way to do this is to simply concentrate on your breath, until you feel very, very relaxed. It can help to stretch your body then light a candle and put on some gentle music. Make sure you are sitting in a room where you know you will not be disturbed.

Step 2.

Bring your animal or pet to mind, picture them in your mind’s eye and begin to send them love and appreciation from your heart. Send them the feeling of, “Thank you for coming into my life”. They do not have to be in the same space as you, but it may help to have them close by, while you practice.

animal-communication-black-jaguar-be-kindStep 3.

When you attempt to communicate with your animal, do so using not just words (your human language), but by engaging  the memory of all of your senses; thoughts, tastes, sounds, vision, smells and feelings. Start by asking a simple question inside your mind, such as, “How do you feel today?” Before going on to ask more in-depth questions like, “What was it like in your previous home?” (if you have a rescue animal), or “Is there anything I can do to make life better for you?” When you phrase your question, rather than simply repeating words, become the enquiry. Fully engage your spirit by feeling, thinking and visualising your question.

Step 4: 

Once you have sent your communication to your animal. Be receptive and listen. Be sensitive and still. Do not judge any thoughts, images, and feelings you receive at this point. They may seem silly or surprising to your logical mind at first, but your animal is teaching you to understand the world from a new perspective. Your pet is probably going to feel equally surprised at your attempt to connect on their level, so remain open to whatever they want to share with you, even if it seems a little strange.

If asking your animal a question feels too difficult, simply send your animal love – they will feel it. You may find they move closer, look up or stare into your eyes. Or you may just experience a subtle response occur inside your body to let you know your message was received.

Step 5.

Whether you feel you received information from your pet or not, always say thank you to your animal for allowing you to attempt to make a connection. They will be aware that you tried. Don’t give up, even if you feel like you didn’t receive any messages the first time, just give it another go in a few days time. Your reply may come when your guard is down and then, when you least expect it, a feeling or response to your question will pop into your head. Remember that the rules of normal human conversations do not apply!



Leo’s Story

When we first brought Leo home from the RSPCA, he would look at us with defensive looking eyes. He would act aloof and avoid our touch – but he wasn’t really angry, or aloof at all, he was just afraid. And it wasn’t that he didn’t have a lot of love to give, he was just guarded because he’d been misunderstood in his previous home.

Leo needed a new human family to give him a second chance, to show him that it was safe for him to be who he was. He was not going to be hurt, abandoned again, yelled at, or kicked out of the way any more. He was going to be embraced, welcomed and unconditionally loved.

When I tuned in to ask Leo his story, he showed me in pictures that as a tiny kitten he lived with a bustling family with young children who worked in a takeaway or restaurant type set up. There was a lot of sudden loud noises and general busyness in the home. The children were loud and would chase the kittens, grab them and yell. As he got older and the cuteness factor lessened, Leo showed me he was frequently shooed out of the way and viewed as a burden. It was overwhelming and frightening for his younger self. I could feel in my own body how he was always alert and could never truly relax, even when he tried to sleep. Nevertheless he loved his family as it was all he knew, and he so wanted to be loved and seen as the magical spirit he was. But then one day the family starting packing up all their things into boxes. Leo felt even more anxious than normal as he watched them load their vehicles up, close the door and drive off. They left him behind and never came back.

That’s when he ended up at the RSPCA. And that’s also when he started to appear to me in my dreams …and I went to go and get him.

His first family rejected him because they could not see or acknowledge the quiet, subtle gifts he had to give. It wasn’t their fault. It’s just the way it was. But in the end, the universe conspired and Leo found his way to a new family, one that could see him, love him, respect, cherish and honour him.

animal-communication-black-cat-desktopYour Pet Is Sent To Bring You Healing

Intuitively I had felt for a long time that a magical black cat was coming into my life. He was a blessing, from beyond the stars and I was able to truly see him for all he was. He was to bring a new energy into my life and support me in my healing work. He was also going to teach me new wisdom.

Over several years Leo has blossomed into such a character. He loves padding and curling up on people’s laps, and he runs, miaowing, to greet me when he sees me coming home from down the road.

I psychically sense and feel how much healing he gives to people, as many of our animal friends do. He has so many special gifts but people often over look them, because many do not understand ‘cat'; that quiet, self contained character that only really reveals itself once you make an effort to drop your own guards, and become a trusted friend.

Sometimes, Leo is still super wary and scares easily with any sudden movement around his head. But if you give him a chance by showing him some genuine interest, he is all love and affection.

Heaven Sent Healing

I know many, many people feel like Leo, because they also come from families, where they feel overlooked and misunderstood. Especially the spiritual, sensitive, healer creative types I work with. That’s because we have all experienced hurt at one time or another. Sometimes the hurt can embed itself on such deep levels, it can feel very hard to learn to fully open and trust again.

Leo’s story teaches us not to misjudge people and animals, who seem quiet, aloof or closed off, because it doesn’t mean they don’t love you, see you or admire you. It just means that very often, they still trying to process some kind of inner pain they’ve been dealing with on their own. Sometimes, just a little space and time is needed to regain their confidence and trust in life and themselves, sometimes, it takes a lot longer. Either way, getting angry, judging, or trying to cajole them into healing before they are fully ready – will only serve to send them in the opposite direction.

animal-communication-black-jaguar-upsidedownWe All Need Time, Love And Space To Blossom, Heal and Grow

The most loving thing you can do for the people and animals in your life, you know are experiencing challenges or undergoing testing times (internally, externally or both) …is to simply hold the vision for their greatest well being.

Instead of wondering what is wrong, or taking it all so personally, when it’s not …just love them regardless, without demanding they change, or expecting anything in return.

And trust, that when the time is right… you will see. Once healing occurs, they will bounce back into your life in their fullness once again; fully present and available to return the vision of love you were able to hold for them.

So even if it takes lifetimes, and despite appearances, never let go of your vision of love. Hold on to your love for them. Then, like a seed that can not fail to bloom, the love they contain will resurface once more, in perfect Divine time.

‘The wound is the place where the Light enters you’ – Rumi

With patience we are all given a chance to let go of broken dreams, so that new love and fresh faith can enter our hearts, minds, bodies and lives. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but don’t rush them, or push them to change, before they are ready. Support all people and creatures, even in their brokenness – because us humans are not so different from Leo the cat and his story of transformation.

With love, anything is possible.

animal-communication-black-cat-leoWith love; forgiveness and understanding …we are given a chance to let go of our past pain so we can learn to trust again.

With our rescue cat Leo, we took it all at his pace. We didn’t give up on him or send him back, because he was taking too long to ‘come round’, even though it took him a good few years to fully come into his own and fully regain his confidence around humans.

We simply trusted this magical spirit would learn to love and be loved again, in time… and he did. But in the meantime we continued to love him and all his kooky ways, regardless.

I just wanted to share his story with you and I sincerely hope it blesses you and your relationships in some way too.

And if you have a magical pet or experiences of animal communication, please feel free to share your story in the comments section below.

If you enjoyed this post you may also enjoy the incredible story of How the Leopard Diabolo Became Spirit with Anna Breytenbach, a professional Animal Communicator:

With love + blessings,


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