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Welcome Dearest Soul… to my little home on the web, where I create beautiful, intuitive websites + holistic brand designs for entrepreneurs who are ready to unfurl their wings, launch a soul based business, uplevel their income and step up + shine!


Here’s a bit about what I do:

  • I specialise in designing websites + brands for emerging spiritual leaders + healers to help them attract, reach + serve more people.
  • I intuitively weave together magic, colour, energy + light to channel professional designs that bring my client’s visions to life.
  • I help my client’s to conceive, birth + launch successful holistic + heart based brands that reflect their unique soul essence.
  • I offer advice, encouragement + guidance to those who feel unsure where to begin, or uncertain how to turn their vision into reality.
  • I share my art, design + inspiration online, because love transforms …and I’m all for sharing da love! ;)

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


‘Yes, show me how!’

All you need to know is this…

All you need to know is this…

…God (universe/source/spirit) loves you, knows you and sees you…

…and, in Gods eyes, there is only sight for truth.

The truth is you are 100% love; loveable, worthy, beautiful, innocent, magnificent …and so much more than human words can describe.

The only real decision you will be presented with in life, is the moment by moment choice between: fear or love, judgement or innocence, ego or Holy Spirit.

So just keep on choosing love, god, and innocence – mostly, for yourself, but also for others.

And remember… if you make a choice you do not like, you can always choose again.

No judgement necessary. No mistakes. Only lessons in love.

It is time for humanity to start seeing beyond the physical body, the ego personality. By developing and valuing spiritual vision – we can learn to see beyond frivolous masks, games and distractions… into the remembrance of truth, Soul, God …and the spark of divinity in the heart and core of each one you meet… the same One mind, One heart… in you and me.

There are no bodies, there is no world… it’s all just a matrix illusion. Yet at times, it feels so real, just as nightmares feel real – while you are dreaming them up.

But its not real ~ only love is real. 

Let’s take a moment for that statement to truly sink in…

…only love, is real.

Fear is the illusionary detour – which keeps us from knowing others as love… and ourselves as love. It keeps us bound, angry, judgemental, like zoo animals, trying to escape, fighting for food, captive, trapped, limited to cages and boxes.

But the soul was not designed to be contained by limitations of fear. It was designed to express it’s individual creativity; free, unhindered, liberated, passionate, colourful, wild.

Let the process of life lead you… show you… assist you ~ to release the ego fears which have kept you restricted and bound from expressing your true and most authentic colours for so long – then watch, observe, as they arise from you – left, right and centre.

You have the power to choose to let them all go – by making a conscious choice, over and over again to trust yourself. Keep on choosing love over fear.

Love will not ask you to compromise.
Love asks only, that you come back into alignment with the truth of who you are… which is love and only love; liberated, free, magnificent.

See the beauty of spirit expressing through you – through all those around you, and welcome home …to your Soul.

Remember who you are!

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