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  • I specialise in designing websites + brands for emerging spiritual leaders + healers to help them attract, reach + serve more people.
  • I intuitively weave together magic, colour, energy + light to channel professional designs that bring my client’s visions to life.
  • I help my client’s to conceive, birth + launch successful holistic + heart based brands that reflect their unique soul essence.
  • I offer free advice, encouragement + guidance to those who feel unsure where to begin, or uncertain how to turn their vision into reality. Ask me!
  • I share my art, design + inspiration online, because love transforms …and I’m all for sharing da love!

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The Secret to Unlocking Your Soul’s Potential

learn to love yourself unconditionallyWanna know the biggest secret to unlocking your soul’s potential, unstoppability and confidence?

It is this. Become your own biggest super fan!

So what is a ‘super fan’? Well according to online dictionaries a superfan is;

  • a person who shows a great deal of enthusiasm for something
  • an extremely devoted and dedicated fan

If you wait for others to approve of you, validate your ideas, what you do, and what you came to gift to this world, then you will be waiting for a very long time!

van-gogh-self-portrait-circleCan you imagine if Van Gogh waited for others to approve of his art… before he was able to share and validate what he could see, feel and capture on canvas?

Van Gogh would NOT have fulfilled his life’s purpose if he had waited.

But here’s the secret, he did not wait!

Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime (The Vigne Rouge), BUT, he carried on regardless. That’s because Van Gogh might not have known it at the time, but deep down, in his heart and from his soul, I believe Van Gogh remained a dedicated, passionate, committed ‘superfan’ of his own work.

Now it doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, a writer, a photographer, a channel, a cook, a mother, a singer, a teacher, a musician, a cleaner etc, etc…

…I believe becoming your own biggest superfan is relevant to everyone because, it simply means to learn to love and believe in who YOU are …and to commit to what brings YOU joy.

Even (and especially) if others can not see it, don’t understand it, or appear to reject you because of it.

The Man Who Lives With The Wolves

This weekend I watched this inspiring short movie. Check it out:

shaun-ellis-wolf-man-new-home-imageShaun Ellis has spent much of his adult life living with wolves and clearly he is a man who is dedicated to his soul work here.

Shaun is a great demonstration of what it takes to become your own biggest superfan, because, despite multiple set backs, including ridicule and rejection from some of his family, community and closest relationships…

…he continued to follow his heart’s calling.

No matter what, he chose to commit to his love, his path and his passion, while remaining true to himself and what lights him up inside.

In doing so, he has inspired people the world over, contributed to the study and protection of wildlife, and managed to live a pretty epic life in the process!

Shaun says he has been called a ‘madman’, ‘crazy’ and ‘a lunatic’ by people when telling them about his profession.

Mmm… funny how all the greatest forward thinkers, creatives and eccentrics are often judged, critised and mocked? And yet, they carry on regardless.

He says: ‘On occasions I probably have questioned it myself. But it only takes one person to value your work to realise I can make a difference.’ – Daily Mail

Let this ‘one person who values your work’, start with you!

It does not matter if your friends, family and those closest to you do not ‘get it’.

It doesn’t matter if you have not yet one true follower or fan.

All that matters is that you ‘get’ you. You love you. And you continue to commit to what lights you up inside.

‘Let the beauty of what you love be what you do’ - Rumi

So what lights you up? What makes you feel passionate and alive?

For me, it is the soul, spirit and the divine beauty I sense in all things. This is what I am a super fan of. It is my love, my essence - my own soul self. And I love the joy I feel when I express and create from this space in my heart.

But if I waited for others to truly value, understand and approve of these things I love… it may never happen.

square peg in round hole confidence self belief to embrace who you areI could spend my whole life trying to fit into a square box, when I was never designed to fit that shape, because I’ve always been more of a round peg.

For years I wondered – why do I not fit the ‘square box’? …and tried squash myself down so I could ‘fit in’.

But what I learned was this…

…becoming a ‘superfan’ of other people’s ‘boxes’, is definitely NOT the road to confidence, success or happiness.

Because when you try to fit into a box that was never destined for you… deep down, you will stop liking yourself, and instead of becoming your own biggest superfan, you will become your own biggest judge and critique.

Learning to embrace your unique ‘soul shape’ and become a superfan of YOU, is an ongoing learning curve.

But it WILL be one of the most liberating decisions you ever make.

Learning to Be True to You

So, be true to yourself.

Do not wait for others to give you permission to be who you are and express what you love.

Just do it… become your own biggest superfan already!

Then, no matter what, you will always have the love, approval and acceptance you might otherwise wait a lifetime to receive from sources outside of yourself – sources that could probably never give this to you anyway.

Your love, approval and self belief must first and foremost come from inside of you.

This is the wisdom I am sharing with you today – to help you to step up and become your own champion, hero, doting mother/father, best friend, family, dedicated lover and peppy cheerleader in life!

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You

So to all those souls who are brave enough to take a ‘risk’, follow their dreams, open their heart and step up and shine.

You are brave and you are amazing.

And if you are willing to be your number one biggest superfan in life, then I am willing to be your number two!

So now you have at least two superfans …me AND you! :)

Lets encourage each other to shine, to step up… to be the change we’ve been waiting for.

And remember… you don’t have to do or create something great, or world changing before deciding to become your own superfan.

learn to love yourself unconditionallyYou simply need to fall in love with who you are, right where you are today.

So stop judging, criticising, or putting down elements of yourself and your life.

Superfans don’t do this – because even in their hero’s darkest hours, the dedicated superfan will stand by them, knowing they will pull on through, and readily forgiving them any mistakes or misdemeanours.

A true superfan always holds the best and highest vision of their champion in place.

Be this kind of dedicated superfan for yourself.

Show this level of love, commitment and passion for all you are and all you do.

Sending so much love from my heart to yours!



P.S. I would love to hear about your dreams, fears and hopes - aswell as your gifts, talents and soul based businesses in the comment section below.


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