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Welcome Dearest Soul… to my little home on the web, where I create beautiful, intuitive websites + holistic brand designs for entrepreneurs who are ready to unfurl their wings, launch a soul based business, uplevel their income and step up + shine!


Here’s a bit about what I do:

  • I specialise in designing websites + brands for emerging spiritual leaders + healers to help them attract, reach + serve more people.
  • I intuitively weave together magic, colour, energy + light to channel professional designs that bring my client’s visions to life.
  • I help my client’s to conceive, birth + launch successful holistic + heart based brands that reflect their unique soul essence.
  • I offer advice, encouragement + guidance to those who feel unsure where to begin, or uncertain how to turn their vision into reality.
  • I share my art, design + inspiration online, because love transforms …and I’m all for sharing da love! ;)

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


‘Yes, show me how!’*


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Spiritual Energy Update Reintegration of The Golden Light

And it is only by surfing the new incoming energies and releasing the stories of past, that we can we truly begin to embrace the golden light of our soul’s highest potential.


The energy shifts this year have felt so powerful, but if you have been doing the inner work and letting go of old things, old beliefs, old relationships and surrendering deeply to the journey of NOW, then you may well be experiencing a feeling of liberation unlike you have enjoyed for many years.

If, on the other hand, you have been stubbornly clinging on to what is no longer serving you, whether it is old thought forms, patterns, or relationships …you may instead be feeling stagnant, stuck or even experiencing exhaustion, sickness or mental and physical illness. The question is, how loud do you need your wake up call to be?


These intense energy shifts have been reflected through the planet in earthquakes and eruptions… but really, they are just reflections of our own consciousness awakening.


In my own soul group, I have been feeling very much that our Higher Self is re-integrating and grounding into our body on new levels… after a long, epic journey involving cleaning up relationship karma, ancestral patterns and even past life traumas.


Many of us thought this time of rapidly increasing energy waves, would come much sooner after 2012… but there were still old energies to transmute, foundations to lay and roots to plant.


The Quickening

The feeling right now is very much of a quickening… that we are being set free from the deepest illusions that have kept us bound to our past for so long and that this process is speeding up fast. Of course, in higher truth there is no past, no illusions and nothing to heal – all is love – but in the unfolding story of our human lives, most of us can agree, never-the-less, that we have experienced a pretty intense ‘adventure’ over the past several years.


Between 2008 and 2010 many of us experienced a period of opening up to higher dimensions and we each grew exponentially on our spiritual path. The awakening was rapid and a little too fast for some – many of us where left feeling ungrounded and knocked off balance by the influx of our soul light in the years preceding 2012.


2012 came and went and many felt disappointed by the lull in our expected take offs, as we where then asked to “go back to our roots” so to speak, to look even more closely at our root chakra energy, clean up the muck, and heal any shadows that still lurked there – all, so we could make the space to accept into ourselves, the lighter, brighter divine energies of truth.


The Healing

During this time, many of us where presented with opportunities to heal old traumas by reliving core soul wounds of abandonment, loneliness, separation, grief, disappointment, power struggles, and betrayal.


Fellow souls from our soul family stepped in to serve us – to play their part and recreate the role which was highlight our ‘wounds’ …so we could see what kept us from love, forgive it, heal it, and transmute it.


In the light of our newly developed spiritual awareness and sensitivities, this sometimes felt confusing, for a part of us remembered and recognised those souls as our brothers and sisters in spirit, who we so dearly loved …and yet here they were, contracted to play out certain unpleasant roles in this lifetime, that would serve our healing by triggering the very mindsets that kept us from ascending.


Because of the earlier ‘growth spurt’ of our souls, many of us found we where able to handle these scenarios with greater dignity and grace than ever before. In this way we created new templates and trailblazed new pathways, for the rest of humanity to walk forward into higher and higher dimensions of light.


On the level of personality and ego, these experience still felt excruciating for many, but in actual fact, from the soul’s perspective… they where rather beautiful experiences in forgiveness, divine love and healing. They gave us the greatest gift of all – which is the opportunity to release us from the grip of egoic bonds …in turn, allowing old, outworn aspects of our lives to transform and fall away.


Shamanic Death

This is why many of us have undergone the experience of what could be called a shamanic death, because the ego in us has indeed been falling away …and on some levels this experience of continually releasing our ego on ever deepening levels, can very much feel like a kind of ‘living death’.


Those of us who have listen to our soul’s calling and done the inner healing appropriate for this phase of our lives, are finally starting to feel the happiness of our soul’s liberation from old shackles. The golden light of Christ consciousness is beginning to awaken in our very cells …and, if this is the case for you, then you will probably find the last remaining prayer in your heart, is simply that everyone could feel the same joyous feeling of liberation and love.


Once you know first hand, what it is to suffer, and then, what it is to set your soul free from the shackles of the old paradigms, it is natural to wish with every breath, that all beings, could experience complete peace and happiness alongside you.


Yet it is important to remember that we can not walk that path for anyone else, but our own soul… and that is the feeling of true freedom. The paradox is, that in freeing your own soul …you clear the pathway for countless other souls to make the same journey.

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