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The Pink, Blood Red Full Moon | Tuesday 15th April 2014 | Spiritual Energy Update

blood-red-moon-pink-moon-imageFull moons are a time of looking within. They highlight whatever energetic burdens we are ready to release… so we can go forward lighter, brighter – stronger than before.

The energies of this powerful astrological time, (pink moon aka red moon, lunar eclipse and the grand cardinal cross over the 14th and 15th April 2014…) are helping humanity to energetically extend and open it’s heart on ever deepening levels.

These energies are working to remind us to remember who we truly are. They insist we look at and release any fear based binds we have projected around our heart, that have served only to keep us small, restricted and over protected.

Any ties to past, outworn beliefs we have longed to release (yet have somehow managed to grip on to in 2014), will begin to dissolve over the coming weeks. You can really help to support this process by imagining your heart and any fears you have, being bathed in powerful healing, pink light.

Breathe it in! For the past, the old world… the old story …is now over.

This is a new beginning, and we can never go back, we can only walk forward and we will all begin to do so with much greater levels of strength and style.

With this astrological energy we may even find we have past life flash backs or ancestral memories arise for us to transmute in the light of our compassion and love. These may come to us in the form of dreams, visions, symbols or intuitive knowing and awaken us to deeper understandings of why we are the way we are, and with this new found awareness, we can apply forgiveness – from which true freedom comes.

The pink / blood red full moon of April 15th 2014, is a beautiful opportunity to help us let go of old fears, programmes and thought forms – to release them through simple awareness, or maybe even the flow of tears.

There is no shame in allowing yourself to feel whatever you feel …to feel deeply is a truly beautiful gift.

If you find this time passes with little emotion… hold tight, for this date is just a catalyst and the full effects of this astrological time will be felt for many weeks to come. This is when the true work – or play, will begin – and you get to choose which approach.

releasing-past-quoteSo allow this moontime to illuminate your inner world and find it’s beauty.

When you shine a ray of light upon your inner landscape… there is always more beauty to be discovered, and always more treasure to be found.

Remember that any pain, fear or emotion you experience is just wrapping, for the beautiful gifts within.

With the light of your illumination, love and remembering – the wrapping can simply fall away… revealing the gift that is you, in your most authentic light and glory!

You are Divine. You are magnificent. You are Light embodied in human form.

Let your love shine forth!

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