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A Message About Twin Flames & Sacred Relationships

twin-flames-purple-rose-symbolismNOTE: After growing and evolving further on my own path, I’ve decided to preference the term ‘Holy Relationships’ or ‘Sacred Relationships’ in place of ‘TwinFlame Relationships’. This now seems more appropriate, at this stage in my journey, as it is my current understanding that my True Heart’s Beloved is not something attached to any one form, or person… rather it’s the journey, first and foremost, to reunite with the ‘Soul’s mate’ or ‘Divine twin’ …within.

I believe the ‘Twin Flame Journey’ is first and foremost the unification with, and return to our OWN wholeness (Divine Holiness). 

I believe the Holy Spirit uses significant soul’s to assist us with this journey of unravelling and forgiveness and that these souls will assist us on our journey by reflecting back to us and revealing all the places where we are not aligned with Love.

This is an ongoing journey for me but my understanding so far has revealed that there are certain souls we pre-contracted to evolve and grow with over many lifetimes in the context of a Sacred/Holy Relationship.

With this side note in mind please continue to read my original post on these catalytic ‘Twin Flame Relationships’ and feel free to share your own ‘twin flame’ experiences in the comments section below.


A Message About Twin Flames & Sacred Relationships

Sacred Relationships are not always easy human relationships, initially at least.

Their focus is not about romance (although romance can be an aspect of it), but about assisting each other to heal so we may return to the realisation of (w)holiness.

When a person comes into our life who we feel we instantly recognise on a heart and soul level… it may be that we have experienced lifetimes with them before which encompassed human drama, pain, grief, unrequited love, war, loss, violence, betrayal… as well as love, passion, longing, affection, recognition, fondness, family connections and more.

That person, may have chosen to act as one of the leading characters in our earthly play over many past lives, so that when we meet again, a lot of personal/ancestral karma, painful feelings, soul memories and paradoxical emotions of love, may re-surface, to be cleared.

It is worth remembering here that before unification in TRUE love can begin, we must burn up everything between us that is NOT Love.

Fear must be released, old drama must be acted out, transmuted with loving awareness, and seen as just part of the illusionary dream we volunteered to play.

This is a process and it takes time, and patience.

It takes a lot of letting go, and a HUGE amount of Trust and Surrender.

Mostly it requires compassion, forgiveness and finally, the recognition that there was never anything to forgive.

Only you can complete the inner work to balance, ground and heal.

But all sacred relationships are designed to assist you, by shining a spotlight on every wound you still hold to.

You assist each other on the journey back to (w)holiness.

You will show one another the illusionary wounds you are ready to heal.

Those wounds being your belief that you were ever separated from Love.

This is Holy, sacred work ~ the ultimate act of Love is to heal one another.

In the past, unification with your true heart’s Beloved (your own Soul), has been thwarted because when we finally reunite in true love, this union acts as a mighty catalyst, creating a vortex of energy which is powerful enough to radically alter the world as we currently know it.

This is why many of you are reuniting with THE Beloved, right now.

It is simply time.

love-swan-animal-totem-copyright-art-of-the-angels-reminder-pictureHumanity is ready.

When you meet your Beloved – on either the inner or outer plane, it is because you are ready to wake up.

It will be one of the biggest awakenings you are likely to encounter in this lifetime.

One that will lead you to experience and learn first hand, whilst still embodied here on earth, the intimate teaching of The Nature of True, Divine and Unconditional Love.

But only you can know if you have met your true Divine counterpart.

Your heart, soul and intuition will guide you.

Your mind – to the extent it holds on to any remaining echoes of fear – will fight to keep you apart.

Yet once you recognise the truth of your own perfection.

Once you recognise that neither of you stand above, nor below one another, but together as true equals in Love, a clear pathway of light will open up before you.

This golden path will return you both to the Sun of Divine Illumination.

Remember, you have never walked alone, though it has often felt that way.

You have always walked your path together.

Ultimately, you will merge back into the great fire of passion and Love from which you were all created.

“Lovers do not finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along.” ~ Rumi.


Holy Child of God,


Patience. All is Well.

The fears you feel are of the mind.


Tune into your heart if you wish to receive

the Truth full answer.


You are Safe, in God’s hands.

And so is your True hearts Love.


No one can separate the bond that flows between you,

for it is Eternal.


You are connected through all time, all levels and this Dear One, is why there has been so much Karma to clear between you, so many fears to be shed, so much pain that was neccessary to be burned up inside your heart, and washed away in tears, before pure Love could emerge.


Beloved, be delighted and overjoyed, for so much that held you apart from experiencing TRUE love, has been released… your unification is imminent*.


You will be reunited and this time it will be clearer, stronger, more grounded and harmonious than before.


Yes there is still work to do, you are eternal remember.


But my children, be joyous and happy.

You could never loose one another, for you are always connected in heart and soul.


The physical is just a fleeting experience that shall pass away.


But Love is beyond all time, it will never fade,

it can never be lost, it is constant and all enduring.


Trust in Love …Love will pave the way.



(*I believe this part of the message I received refers to re-union and re-alignment with your own soul and not necessarily a specific person.)

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10 Responses to A Message About Twin Flames & Sacred Relationships

  1. thank you so much for creating this article..thank the angels for leading me to it!! i can not say enough how clear your words ring like a bell…i have crossed the world to return to my twinflame who i spent 3 years with nearly 2 decades ago…like your words, i feel that this relationship is not one of simple romance-our deepest wounds resurface and beckon us to face them, no matter how tired we are of them or wish they were a thing of the past..seems we can not forget them, just have to allow them, work through them with compassion, see them as illusory finally, and let them go once and for all…we are so close! but the pain of the past which could be from many lifetimes i feel rather than just this one we experience now, that resurges because of our connection is so so intense. i sometimes am afraid and doubtful and feel confused why i ever returned to him…but my heart says because the truth is we were never apart, i took another fork to grow, and this time is “the time” to surrender, let this divine love flow that we both feel so intensely, and allow it to transform our fears, our egos, fully awaken us to our divine nature which is surfacing. it is not an easy relationship….it is true. but i feel it is worth it. my heart lead me back….and at the time when humanity is ready to see this illusion for what it is and reclaim our birthright knowledge that we are not separate from Love….this is my service, to surrender my fear to be able to ultimately reunite with my soul, my twinself, and spark the catalyst of change that humanity is ready for.

    • You are so welcome I’m glad you enjoyed it… so many people are in the same place right now, it’s a huge learning curve for all of us. It takes so much courage to follow our heart, and trust in Love, but Love is all that matters. Our twin flame teaches us that the Love and wholiness we seek, should be met first and foremost within our own hearts, and that any illusionary fears we still carry of being separated, are mind based and insubstantial. The only thing that will never fade is the truth of love we feel in our hearts and soul. You can trust this love.

  2. Thanks god I`m not alone and Iam not crazy like most of the people around me thought. Thanks for this article. I see so much miracles in my life at the moment. Wonderfull.I hope some day everbody can see this.

    • No you’re certainly not alone Melanie and thank you for your comment, you’re very welcome x

  3. The truth is that there are alt of differing TF experiences out there. yours may be Abusive, derogatory and inhumane. Will you let the title TF put your good sense to the back burner and pursue such a negative association? No.
    If the is a serial killer and I feel he is my TF I won’t be breaking down the jail cell to rescue hima or throw myself at him to have a relationship with him.
    Yes I will feel compassion and perhaps help from a distance but have a relationship no way. That’s just stupid and irresponsible.
    For those of you who encounter runners. Try then let go, you can never force someone has decided they don’t want anything to do with you. Let go and look for love with some who wants you, and deserves you. Let the runner run. It’s not worth it no matter what the title. You know a few decades ago divorce was sacrilege, now it’s part of life. This too is a concept that we are just learning about. If you have a TF who does not want to be with you, doesn’t want a friendship with you, undermines you, name calls, laughs at , humiliate, abuses you, maybe you’re mean to letgo and hind love with another. Who in their right mind would hang onto such a psychopath? Live love and let live. The let .ive I not a liscence to let the liver ruin you. You TFT who are jerks just get out of the way so the other party can be happy and at peace. Just like you want to be left alone to run. Leave them to live.

  4. Twin flame or psycho?
    We met 6 months ago. 1st month was bliss then it has been very hard work, with many ups and downs. Ready to call it quits again, as I could find another person who treats me with more respect, merely by standing on my elbow. I wish the love was more steady, but its not. Maybe its just time to end, I don’t know.
    Yet during this process I have changed. Like a wolf he was efficiently and cruelly removed the parts of my life that needed to improve, with surgical precision. My whole flat has also been decluttered and is much lighter. I am bolder, more beautiful and sexy. I have a new wardrobe…
    I have images of the man he could be, yet he is just the opposite. I have changed a lot, but I don’t think he has. Time now to say goodbye, as I can’t take the pain of our unbalanced relationship. Yet I feel there is so much potential there if we could actually work in harnony. We could be totally amazing…
    Quit dreaming and just look at what there is and walk away. Yet, as usual I will miss him very much…

  5. I felt like this was written for me. I am utterly speechless. It was just what I needed to here. I will share with you that I believe I met my twin flame because the love is beyond deep, but we have had a VERY difficult relationship. Nothing could keep me from my flame, but my flame has left my life a couple of times. Right now, my flame is gone. I have “loved” before, but never like this. Never have I known what it feels like to lose what feels like an honest to God part of your soul. I never knew that other flames were challenged in their relationships as well. I feel like your article has given me a moment to honor how I feel. Thank you.

    • Thank you for sharing your beautiful message Carla… the learning comes from the realization that you can never truly be separated from the Divine Love you feel. Meeting one with whom we feel such Divine love and connection and then experiencing our physical separation is one of the final illusions we are challenged to overcome here, whilst still in the human body. True Love is eternal… it can not end, die or be separated from who you are… only when we still see life through the illusion of death and physical separation from Source, do we feel it we are separate from our True Heart’s Beloved.

  6. I should say that meeting your twin flame is truly extra ordinary. I have known my twin flame some 25 years ago, but there was no recognition of souls yet, though we belong to one organization, we traveled together, then we part ways probably because we have our own earthly agenda that we need to fulfill before we finally recognize each other. I could not even remember that during those years that we see everyday our eyes met, though we can remember clear events we had together, but maybe both our minds and souls were preoccupied with other things, or maybe it was not time for our souls unification.

    In 2011 i was surprised that my twin soul called me, he asked information about an event that we both should attend. I was also surpirsed that his image appread in my dream, I asked my self what is he doing in my dream, usually if I get clear picture of a man in my dream per my past experiences, this man will a have a great connection on me, there will be a great involvement of deep feeling and emotions in both parties. Its like time was slowly bringing us closer, until the last quarter of 2011 we became active in our organization and worked on project together. During the process we both left our office to focus on this mission, its like everything were syncronized. Being with each other everyday there’s this strange feeling i felt inside me that I cant describe, its just being with each other everyday is joy and comform, and if he’s not around its like i feel incomplete, the longing is so intense. I understand we were feeling the same strange things. Until the first quarter of 2012 we started gazing, we could not prevent our eyes from looking at each other and we do this repeatedly, we cant just help ourselves. The connection is strong, I sense if his traveling somewhere, because before he tells me he’s leaving I alrady felt the loneliness and sorrow in my heart and cant help but cry… so the advance strange feeling of sorrow was a sign given to me that he will be our for a while. Everytime we say goodbye there is this terrible feeling from being apart, its like you’re being ripped off, the feeling of loneliness is so intense, you cant help for your heart to cry outrageously.

    Until now we havent talk and revealed our deep feeling for each other…but because of this strong connection and unconditional love we still go back to each other but only as friends, because until now we still dont understand ourselves, and continued to sacrifce ourselves feeling the pain and loneliness while we leave apart.

    It is true that when twin flames are together its like good things are on your side. Everything you do comes out successful.. you do things fast and easy.

    Since time has not come for us to openly reveal ourselves.. we communicate by looking in each others eyes.. just simply saying how much we miss and love each other tenderly.

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