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Hi, I’m Sam – a graphic artist, website designer and illustrator. I love to create using different mediums and currently offer the following services: graphic design, website design, art & illustration, design consultation, digital media and WordPress website maintenance plans. So if you’re looking for a designer, check out my testimonials page to read what my clients say about working with me..

Graphic Design, Websites & Brand Design

For website and branding design services, please send a direct email to book your free one-to-one Skype consultation and/or request a selection of current portfolio samples. You may also like to follow me on Instagram.

Read on, to learn more about my thoughts on the benefits of creative self expression…

Creativity as form of Soul Retrieval

I love to inspire others to tap into their creativity – whatever that feels and looks like for them. There are endless ways to express our art (and heart). Our very being yearns for permission to explore and express itself and this is key to our emotional well-being – permission to love whatever arises without judgment or condition.

Many problems today are due to the suppression of our inner voice. We’ve been programmed to water down and stifle the song of our soul, often for fear of being ‘too much’ or not fitting in. In this way, creativity can be likened to a healing balm – a kind of modern day soul retrieval.

“Through the intuitive wisdom of creative self expression, we learn to listen to the voice of our soul.”.

Creative self expression is a powerful way to integrate all parts of ourself. It offers all ages and abilities a way to connect to the unconscious, express the inexpressible and illuminate a deeper truth.

On this website you can connect with me regarding my current creative offerings, including website & branding design services which provide you with a professional platform to reach more people with your own creative soul expressions.

So, whether you’re looking for a designer who truly ‘gets’ you, or you simply want to connect and enjoy some inspiration …welcome.

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