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Hello Beautiful Soul

My name’s Sam and I’m a graphic designer, artist, illustrator and website designer. Alongside designing beautiful websites and brands for holistic healers and therapists for more than a decade now, I love to create in all kinds of different ways…



Spiritual Websites & Branding Design

For those specifically looking for spiritual website design and branding services, please send me a direct email to receive a selection of recent portfolio samples. Free Skype consultation calls are also available to discuss your project needs and see if we’re a good fit. Alternatively, you might like to follow me on Instagram + LinkedIn + Facebook to get to know me better. Many of my clients are soul family and become long term connections who return for periodic re-brands. Check out my Testimonials page or read on, to learn more about why I’m passionate about using creativity to serve, uplift and heal…


Creativity as form of Soul Retrieval

Having used creativity most of my life, I love to encourage others to discover and tap into the therapeutic benefits of creative expression, whatever that feels and looks like for them. It could be singing, dancing, connecting with nature, writing, art or speaking …there are endless ways to express our Heart.

Our very being yearns for permission to explore and express itself without censorship, and this is key to our emotional healing and well-being – permission to love whatever arises, without judgment or condition.

Many problems today are due to the suppression of our inner voice. That is the song of our soul we’ve been programmed to water down and stifle – often for fear of being ‘too much’, or not fitting in.

In this way, no matter how disconnected, disillusioned, or lost we might feel – creativity can be likened to a healing spiritual balm; one we can apply as a kind of modern day soul retrieval.


“It’s the instinctual wisdom of our creative, wild and soulful self, through which we hear the voice of our soul.”


Creative self expression is a powerful way to heal our heart and transform our mind, as well as meet and reintegrate all the forgotten parts of ourself. It offers all ages and abilities a direct way to reconnect to the unconscious, express the inexpressible, and illuminate a deeper Truth.

ArtoftheAngels is my nest on the web where I share my current creative expressions, projects and offerings, through a variety of channels including art, design, illustration and oracle readings.

My spiritual website design services offer a way for you to step up, shine, express your soul gifts, and serve more people – in your own unique way. So, whether you’re looking for a designer who truly gets you – or you simply want to enjoy a bit of creative inspiration as I share my heart with you online – welcome Home beautiful soul.

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