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Hi, I’m Sam and I offer the following creative services for your spiritual business: graphic design, website design, art & illustration, design consultation, digital media and WordPress website maintenance plans. Check out my testimonials page to read what my clients say about working with me.


Graphic Design, Websites & Brand Design

For website and branding design services, and if you’re looking for a designer who truly ‘gets’ you, or you simply want to connect and enjoy some inspiration, send me a direct email and let’s go from there. I also offer free one-to-one Skype consultations and am happy to send you a selection of current portfolio samples. You may also like to get to know me more by following me on Instagram.

On this site you’re invited to connect with me regarding my current creative offerings, including website & branding design services, which will provide you with a professional platform to reach more people

I’m a big believer that creative self expression is a powerful way to integrate all parts of ourself, which offers all ages and abilities a way to connect to the unconscious, express the inexpressible, and illuminate the deeper truth.

I love to support my clients to give voice to your own creative soul expressions, so if you’re looking to bring your vision to life, get in touch.

Email Me for Branding, Website & Design Enquiries.

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