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Gassho and Hatsurei-ho Reiki Healing Meditation Technique

Hatsurei-ho Reiki healing meditation technique and Gassho meditation, are powerful techniques to increase your energy, heart light and spiritual awareness. Below, I’ve listed the 5 key steps to help you easily learn Hatsurei-ho Reiki healing meditation technique for yourself.   Step 1 – Gassho (Prayer) Gassho means prayer position and this is the first stage of the meditation, to activate the energies and show respect. Once… Continue Reading

The Path of the Rose

Without roots reaching into the dark, rich earth and thorns along the stem ~ a Rose, can not become a Rose. The Path of the Rose is the healing journey back to (w)holiness. The rose is a powerful symbol of our (f) lowering into Life. It is a symbol of ALL that Life can BE,… Continue Reading

Super Powerful Relationship Healing Meditation (Step by Step Guided Meditation)

Experiences with our parents and peers may have a huge influence on us as children, but we always have free will to choose how we will act in response to our adult relationships, as we grow and mature. The relationship with our inner masculine (father archetype) and inner feminine (mother archetype), is often reflected in the… Continue Reading