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Gassho and Hatsurei-ho Reiki Healing Meditation Technique

Hatsurei-ho Reiki Healing Meditation Technique

Hatsurei-ho Reiki healing meditation technique and Gassho meditation, are powerful techniques to increase your energy, heart light and spiritual awareness. Below, I’ve listed the 5 key steps to help you easily learn Hatsurei-ho Reiki healing meditation technique for yourself.


Step 1 – Gassho (Prayer)

Gassho means prayer position and this is the first stage of the meditation, to activate the energies and show respect. Once you feel comfortable practicing Gassho you can move on to practicing the rest of the Hatsurei-ho Reiki healing meditation technique.

  • With your hands in prayer position, sit comfortably, and very slowly, begin breathing in and out.
  • On the in breath – visualise light entering your crown chakra and filling your body.
  • And on the out breath – visualise the light filling your aura and moving in all directions, out into infinity.


Step 2 – Beginning Hatsurei-ho Reiki Healing Meditation Technique

Set your intention to begin Hatsurei-ho Reiki healing meditation technique and initiate the following dry bathing technique.

  • Silently state your intention and say, “I am going to practice Hatsurei-ho now.”
  • Swiftly brush your right hand down your left shoulder and arm, while making a sharp ‘Haa’ sound, as you exhale.
  • Imagine you are brushing away negative energy and repeat this process on the opposite shoulder.
  • Repeat the dry brushing as a diagonal sweeping movement, from each shoulder, to the opposite hip, and then  repeat on both sides.


Step 3 – Connecting to Reiki Healing Light

At this stage of the Hatsurei-ho reiki healing meditation technique, we connect to the healing light and invite it to work through the entire body, aura, and beyond.

  • Raise your hands above your head to initiate a connection to the reiki light.
  • Visualise light flowing down through your whole body.
  • Place your palms on your lap facing up and then focus on drawing light down through your spine, into your hara (the point just below your navel).
  • Before each exhale pause, and feel the light becoming stronger, filling your entire body.
  • Imagine exhaling light from every pore of your body and aura, in all directions and out into infinity.
  • Do this for as long as you feel comfortable.


Step 4 – Last Part of Hatsurei-ho Reiki Healing Meditation Technique

This is the step where we begin to concentrate all the energy we have built up. You may feel your heart opening, energy expanding, or the sensations of warmth and tingling.

  • Once the energy is really flowing, you can bring your hands back together in Gassho (prayer position)
  • I find it helps amplify the energy to have your thumbs touch the heart area.
  • Concentrate your focus on the place where the middle fingers touch each other.
  • Breathe in – visualise Reiki drawing in through your fingers and hands, down into your hara.
  • Pause, allowing the energy to build.
  • Now breathe out – exhale light from your hara and hands.
  • Continue this flushing breathing technique through the hands, and until you feel ready to stop.


Step 5 – Reiki Principles and Completion of Hatsurei-ho Reiki Healing Meditation Technique

  • Finally, say the following 3 times: “Just for today, I release all worry, anger and judgment. And choose to feel gratitude for my many blessings. I will live with honesty and integrity – being kind to myself and all others.”
  • Place your hands back down on your lap and say silently, “I am finishing Hatsurei-ho now.”
  • Sit in stillness for a few moments as you allow yourself to soak in the experience of the Hatsurei-ho Reiki healing meditation technique.



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